As a child I was happy in the carpentry workshop of my grandfather and dreamed even once to be at the carpenter's bench and make furniture, doors and windows. I loved the smell of wood and wood glue, floated through the workshop. The development of a tree trunk at a table, chair or sofa fascinated me.

My generation was brought up unfortunately for academic study. A carpenter was not befitting. The profession was chosen not by interest but by public reputation. Artistic ambitions were ridiculed and seen as a guarantee for social decline.
I also went to the academic way. That was not my calling, but to find out, it took many years ...

A few years ago I returned to the Carpenters bench of my grandfather.
Not really, but at a quite similar location. My little atelier.
Finally, I returned to the dreams of my childhood and have become a miniature artist.

Now I work with wood, brass, wire, fabric, plaster, glue, paint and so many more, what a miniature craftsmanship needs.

I work on miniature furniture, doors, windows, frames and more and even
 build roomboxes and houses as well.


My creations are collectibles scale 1:12. They can be used in any miniature setting or type of decoration you desire.

The style of my work is influenced by 18th and 19th century. Probably the most wonderful time in terms of architecture and design.

I am married and live in Cologne / Germany.