Unique Handmade Miniatures Scale 1:12  -  Made in Germany by Pipi Turner

I'm Pipi Turner, I'm a miniature artist, 65 years old.
On the night of Valentine's Day my beloved husband died suddenly.
We were never rich or wealthy rather poor.
But we had each other. Together we managed to secure our existence. He was the main breadwinner.
Now I'm alone.
I must now give up the house we have lived in together for almost 17 years. I must completely rebuild my life and my existence.
I urgently need the sum of money to get through the next months, to pay the funeral, to survive, pay the bills and build a new life without my beloved sunshine.
I see no other option than to ask for donations. There is no one else who can support me.
Love Pipi


🤍 A warm welcome 🤍


You find miniatures & decoration for you and your loved ones at this place.

My creations are collectibles scale 1:12. They can be used in any miniature setting or type of decoration you desire. 

The style of my work is influenced by 18th and 19th century. Probably the most wonderful time in terms of architecture and design.


-  Next Sale postponed to .... 2023

2022 Interview with Pipi Turner